Why Exhibit?

  1. Connect with 3,000 prospective buyers and decision-makers in the garden centre market, providing valuable networking opportunities and potential business partnerships.
  2. Strengthen your position with customers by showcasing offerings, discussing collaborations, and deepening business relationships.
  3. Stay ahead of industry trends and gain insights into the next big things in the sector, including advancements in technology, sustainability practices and evolving product choices.
  4. Engage with new businesses entering the market, expanding your network and discovering potential collaborators or suppliers that can contribute to your company’s growth.
  5. Seize the opportunity to close deals with buyers while being present on the show floor, maximizing chances of sales conversions.
  6. Establish and reinforce your brand’s presence in the sector, enhancing visibility and recognition among industry professionals and potential customers.
  7. Gain valuable market intelligence by observing and analysing the strategies and activities of your competitors, enabling you to refine your own business approach and stay competitive.
  8. Expand your database of sales leads by connecting with our audience of buyers, owners and decisionmakers within garden centres, ensuring a broader pool of potential customers for future business endeavours.
  9. Engage in conversations with the garden centre trade, to address their specific needs, understand their challenges and tailor your offerings accordingly.
  10. Optimise sales and lead generation strategy by leveraging the insights, connections, and industry knowledge gained from participating in our event.